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Sunday, February 16, 2020

2 Newest Projects in Beirut You Probably Didn't Know About!

Beirut is once again starring in the world of architecture and high-tech thanks to various kinds of projects taking place at its center; After the international chains of hotels that clearly modified our skyline, here it comes the housing and residential developments to take the charge with two exceptional and unique projects.

In this article, I'm gonna review those pairs of new projects risen in Beirut recently, concerning the specific Modern Housing Development trade.

Actually, I got my references from external sources as promotional brochures, and from different websites' resources, since the projects weren't yet brought to light for public knowledge.

1- arch2o.com, the online architecture magazine
2- Albenaamag.com Magazine (the Arab edition)

3Beirut, plot #1282
The relevant Pin; Follow my account on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/nmaani_blog/ for more related photos


Residential projects continue to constitute importance in development and urban in many parts of the world; New models of housing are being developed to increase residential density and multiple uses.

Housing is close to public services and workplaces to reduce the use of cars.
These are the common objectives of designing residential projects around the world today, but each region has its economic, social, environmental, and cultural characteristics that can make up the difference between residential projects from one region to another.

Following are the reviews of the projects in a glance:

3Beirut- by Nigel Young / Foster + Partners

The first Foster+Partners in Beirut, located in the heart of the touristic area, featuring among international Hotels chains
Taking into consideration the significance of Beirut as being a Mediterranean city known for its entertainment, commerce, and tourism industries, Foster + Partners just completed its new high-rise project ‘3Beirut’ to achieve this goal.
A breathtaking view featuring the wall cladding covering the whole facades- Photo Source: arch2o.com 

3Beirut is the first housing project of the Foster office in Beirut, a design that tries to take into account both the characteristics of the site and the culture of the city, is the design of a sustainable residential and commercial project in the city center.

The managed courtyard with its greeny environment and waterfalls, Photo Source: arch2o.com 
As we said earlier, the project promotes the role of Beirut as a tourist, commercial, and entertainment center while adding green spaces to the city on the ground level.

The project consists of three non-identical towers in levels covered with limestone cladding all over its facade and includes shops and cafeterias.

The towers compromise also many amenities as a nursery, a gym center, and an exposition hall.

It is located in the central area of Beirut within the sector known as Solidere, an area known for its luxury buildings.

On the ground level, the design takes into consideration pedestrian traffic through the corridors connecting the historic center with the port on the south side, and the upper tower rises to the inside to provide a green courtyard. (As shown on the photo beside)
The plot location of the project and due to its closeness to the seafront of the city has been provided with a relevant landscape study regarding managing and creating new walkways and public green areas.

Thus, combining the lot with the pier is not a choice.

The project’s central foyer has been moved backward to leave a space for a landscaped courtyard with plenty of plantations and waterfalls.

Luke Fox, a senior office assistant at Foster + Partners, said that they are very happy to accomplish the construction of 3Beirutwhich is the result of close cooperation between the client and Foster + Partners.

The north side of ‘3Beirut’ benefit from large glass windows, allowing the residents to enjoy the incredible views of the pier and the sea, whereas the southern side includes green roofs and balconies.
The difference in levels of the towers provides a great amount of privacy for the residents.

Almost all the residential units have been sold and many facilities have been opened for the residents like the gym, the pool, and the automobile exhibition room.

Residential, Plot #1282- by Architect Bernard Khoury

Project No. 1282 is a residential development located in the northern suburbs of Beirut (An-Nahr District) next to an abandoned railway station, military buildings, uninhabited agricultural land, and a 30 m highway.
The futuristic appeal of Project #1282 in the suburbs of Beirut

The area where the project is located is not yet allocated for housing (!)
The architectural program consists of 95 industrial units (Loft), which means architecturally in the West: abandoned industrial spaces that are exploited and transformed into residential units, characterized by spaciousness, high ceilings, and glass facades.


The aim of the project was to obtain large housing at a low cost, a successful residential development that can be used in modern residential projects.

The area of the units ranges between 100 to 650 m2 with a total building area of 25,800 m2.

The Project was recently to star in a music video for singer Maya Diab; The video shows up its luxury and futurist design as it works great to an embodiment of the future era that serves better the concept of the clip. (Director: Jad Shweiry)
No doubt to have that look of an enormous spaceship coming out straight from an outer far away Aliens planet (...)

To watch the music video go here or you can see it at Diab's channel on YouTube below:

Hoping that I did enlighten some of your curiosity about newly residential projects taking place in my city, more projects to come in other parts of the world, so stay tuned!

Do you like it? Thanks for sharing it!


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