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Monday, March 9, 2020

5 Major Factors Behind the Beirut Terraces Concept by Herzog & de Meuron

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The Location is surrounded by International Resorts which make the Beirut Terraces an Eye-Candy for others, Image: Edited.

Widely acclaimed Swiss planners Herzog and de Meuron, finally completed the 119-meters tall skyscraper in the heart of Beirut, over a site which is the lodging of multiple layers of history and civilizations under beneath which comes and replaces each one by another.
Read more: As a reference to what was said, please read the article Beirut Down Town (1) | The Beginning of a Project in my Blog for more topics about the History of Beirut. Also, read the post entitled Beirut Has a New Skyline! for more information about Housing in Beirut.

The Benchmark for Development (the company who’s in charge of the land’s development) is so passionate and can't wait to announce to the public the launching of Beirut Terraces, a one of its kind private housing project, located in the heart of the BCD (Beirut Central District) at the most high-end of the line residency location: Mina El Hosn.
beirut, lebanon, downtown beirut, apartments in beirut, housing, housing in lebanon, sawa project - group c - na | sofar beirut, apartments for rent in beirut, apartments for sale in beirut, murals in beirut, build a prefabricated home in beirut lebanon, real estate in beirut, prefabricated home builder in beirut lebanon, buy an apartment in lebanon beirut, top 10 real estate companies in beirut, projects
The Beirut Terraces Project completed

The project introduces the 
vertical village concept for the first time in the whole region.

Thus, it is transforming the entire city's future by resuscitating the indoor-outside living experience through the presentation of this Concept, the vertical village, by hanging green gardens and extended perforated slabs and balconies.

The site location is more than can be described by words; even more, it became the most luxurious and sophisticated district of the capital to be.

Housing in Lebanon

It is more than true that it is not as the reachable thing for the majority of the Lebanese citizens, but still the eye candy for many foreigners and especially for the Arabian neighbors.

Therefore, many of these properties were owned by other than Lebanese, notably the Arabs nationalities, which is considered a good symptom for good economical health. Of course, it should be within appropriate ranges otherwise, it will threaten the demographic balance of the country.
Besides, it will have a positive impact on the economic and financial status in general over the whole country. On the other hand, it boosts the international trust factor in Lebanon and brings abroad investment opportunities in his favor, and thus revives the economy in all major sectors.

Back to the project itself, residing over layers of history underneath, Beirut Terraces is set to turn into an architectural neighborhood milestone with a worldwide location.

Surrounded by the most sophisticated Hotels in Beirut...

In fact, the district location of the project (plot No.1801 and plot No.1802, Mina' El-Hosn) is all surrounded by international chains of hotels, as well by luxurious housing and retail condos residences;

The Location within the highest Reputation and International Hotels in Lebanon
Starting with the Intercontinental (Phoenicia) at the southern side, the Four Seasons and the Platinum Tower at the northern side and not far away from the site reside the Holiday-Inn, which is completely devasted but still overwhelming the entire view that extends to the Mediterranean sea.

We must concentrate here on the Concept that leads to producing these newly and first of its kind types of buildings used in the city.

The project was designed and in mind, the renovation of the whole area was devasted before by a long period of war (1975-1992) which makes the need for a new major rehabilitation of the city a priority.

Herzog & de Meuron designed a building that has a strong architectural language and identity located within this historical context.

''The structure and presence of the proposed constructing were studied with mindfulness and regard for the city's past, just as the fearlessness and good faith of contemporary Beirut,'' said Herzog and de Meuron.

The need of creating a new resuscitating indoor-open air living experience through the vertical town theory presentation with hanging gardens and expanded punctured sections to compensate for the lack of finding green areas and fresh air sources in Beirut.

The compositional language permits every inhabitant on every level of floors to benefit from multi-views over the Mediterranean through floor to roof glass shields and to appreciate extraordinary minutes with loved ones on their private porches.

The firm's design approaches depended on five standards or factors, and in my opinion, they lead to the project Concept to be created:

Layers and Terraces, Inside and Outside, Vegetation, Views and Privacy, Light and Identity.

1- The Inside and The Outside:
A fundamental part of Beirut's history, where the indoor is stretched out to the Terraces.

2- Layers and Terraces:
The vertical village concept considered multi-layers and concentrated on partitions.

3- Vegetation and Architecture:
The combination of workmanship with natural landscaping views brings to light a friendly building to Mother Nature.

4- Perspectives and Privacy: 
The variation of floor plates permits every condo to benefit from amazing perspectives of the sea, the mountains, and Beirut City…

5- Light and Identity: 
The daylighting effect is reinforced with nighttime through an integrated “state of the art” central lighting.
Photo Credit to www.arch2o.com

''Each unit is unique and variations in the layout of the apartments on each layer thoughtfully shape a new neighborhood,'' said Herzog & de Meuron.

''The moderate climate of Beirut is undoubtedly one of the city’s greatest assets; it makes outdoor living an integral part of Beirut’s urban culture.''

One of its kind differentiation of Beirut Terraces:

1- Architectural Design by Herzog and de Meuron.
2- Timeless Design with Innovative Interiors.
3- Dynamic Urban Structure with Views Beyond Wordsworth.
4- Life at its Finest in a Vertical Village.
5- 131 shocking condos each with a one-of-a-kind worth roosted on the Beirut waterfront.
6- Most elite Residences in Lebanon with 3.4m clear statures and floor-to-roof glass windows.
7- Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving.
8- Suburban Living in the Midst of the City.
9- Private Outdoor Spaces with Open Air Sparkling views of the Marina, Coastline, and Mountains.
10- Lush Suspended Gardens Inspired by Layers of History.
11- Private campaigns for every Residence.
12- Large Terraces coordinated with the banquet rooms to resuscitate the indoor and outside living experience offering a definitive extravagance.
13- A variety of sublime comforts and attendant services adjusted to excellent plans and determinations.
14- Ample Parkings for both Residents and Visitors.

Condo Sizes:

Beirut Terraces offers 3 Condo sorts in different sizes:

1-Simplexes change from 2 Bedrooms to 4 Bedrooms – 290 to 940sqm.
2-Duplexes change from 680 to 940sqm.
3-Penthouses change from 910 to 1,120sqm.

Venture Components and Amenities:

1- 25 Residential Floors.
2- Dedicated Ground Floor Entrance Upper Level/Secured Drop Off Area for Residents.
3- Street Level Retail completely disengaged from Residences.
4- Outdoor Swimming Pool.
5- Infinite Water Feature at Ground Level.
6- Private Gym for occupants.
7- Private capacity porch on the main floor for selective use for inhabitants.
8- Visitors' Parking.
9- Driver's Lounge.
10- Storage Rooms.
11- Drivers' Rooms.
12-Underground Floors for stopping, extra spaces, and driver quarters.

Exceptional Address:

1- Mina El Hosn area, confronting Phoenicia Hotel, and disregarding the St. Georges Bay behind Monroe Hotel and Platinum Tower.
2- Pedestrian Walkways to Beirut Marina and Waterfront Cafes.
3- Walking Distance from the Beirut Souks.
4- Hotel District and Green Parks.
5- Easy access to every single significant hub in the City.
6- Few minutes to Airport.

Undertaking Info:

Designers: Herzog and de Meuron
Area: Beirut, Lebanon
Undertaking year: 2014
Address: Plot 1801 and Plot 1802, Block 18, Beirut Central District
Site Area: 4'422sqm/47598sqft
Building Dimensions: Base 65,90m x 66,20m/216 x 216ft
Tower: 53,70m x 53,70m/177 x 177ft
Tallness: 119,62m/392ft

Floor Plan Samples

Figures 1 and 2 below, shows two typical floors of the residential building (the 10th and the 11th typical floors) with the grid columns added in red color just to clarify the architectural concept;
Fig. 1- Sample Drawing showing the 10th Floor with Columns Grid added for comparison

Fig. 2- The 11th Floor with Columns Grid added

We noticed that the columns were fixed in all the levels and the designer just make the variation within the balconies and terraces, which gives that feeling of the differential between the storeys.

Well done and nicely played Mr. Architect! I appreciate it very much!


References in this article:

- https://www.arch2o.com/

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