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8 Easy-To-Follow Kitchen Remodel Tips

8 Easy-To-Follow Kitchen Remodel Tips

If you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you've come to the right place; Remodeling your kitchen can be a daunting task, because there are so many things to think about, from the layout to the appliances to the countertops.

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8 Tips for Kitchen Improvement, Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

But don't worry, we're here to help. In this blog post, we'll share selected and some essential kitchen remodel tips, from choosing the right appliances to picking the perfect paint color. Also, we'll give you some tips for enhancing your kitchen functionality, so you can make the space work for you, not the opposite.

Is it true that you are tired of the old and exhausting look of your kitchen? Are the termites appearing and biting on parts of your kitchen?

All things considered, if you experience these issues, at that point you should consider re-designing your kitchen and making improvements to it.

"It is important to follow those Kitchen Remodel Tips because the kitchen is considered as one of the most important parts of the house"

In fact, this is where the mother or father prepares food for the whole family to share. The family bonds together in the kitchen through cooking and eating together. In this way, the kitchen must remain, clean, safe, and nice-looking. In situations where the dividers or the top of the kitchen are gradually dilapidated, it is a must. Even more,  it is a requirement to fix it right away.

The termites or dirt you might find in your kitchen can carry diseases and germs to you and your family because of the fact that the food you are preparing there may get infected.

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Kitchen Remodel Tips in a Few Simple Steps

Kitchen remodeling isn't as simple as it looks, but we will try to make it as easy a task can be for your convenience. In fact, as an Architect, I should say that regarding my long experience in designing, the kitchen is the most complicated place to manage in the entire house; It can take all the hard work similar to designing the remaining parts of the residency and sometimes more.

Actually, this is due to many assignments that have to be integrated into one place, and some of these are kind of conflicting together. First, we should not forget that it is the more part of the house that lodges a huge number of appliances grouped and might function together.

Thus in the first place, we have here two major constraints to deal with:

1- Managing the location of each of the appliances that might be more than five items sometimes, depending on the global area of the house.

2- Managing the circulation and the relation between the fixtures mentioned above, meaning that, it might be a close relationship between two or more items that need to be taken into consideration.

Cautious arrangements and the right choices critically make the re-design less troublesome and less costly; Budget is a big factor in renovations, so you should start with the basics and most important things if you have limited funds.

8 Kitchen Remodel Tips

Following are some useful and easy-to-follow kitchen remodel tips for homeowners to make their kitchen renovation a successful project.

Tip #1- Keep in mind putting aside an extra 20% of your total expected budget amount because even if you have calculated the total cost of the works including labor costs, there are surely some unexpected expenses that need to be paid. You should have additional cash to manage it properly.

Tip #2- Remember that kitchen improvement can be an excellent investment. At the point when you plan or may need to sell your home, later on, purchasers normally take a worried look at the kitchen to ensure that it is in an acceptable condition. And they are totally right!

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Variety of appliances used in the kitchen

Tip #3- Ensure that you put plans in mind for whatever you expect your kitchen to look like. Pick the correct equipment/ fixtures, tables, seats, and other kitchen utensils.
You can take the right decisions in junction with your other family members as they will use the kitchen as much as you do!. But in the end, remember that the final decision is yours for many considerations (...)

Tip #4- Locate the best contractor worker or home developer, whatever you call it, in your region, or ask for recommendations from friends or family that have knowledge in the industry.

Tip #5- Before engaging a contractor, try to have information about the previous works he has worked on and executed (e.g. his portfolio). This can be useful to determine the level of professionalism he actually offers and his ability to perform the requested tasks as per your specifications.

Tip #6- During the pre-designing stage, you have to consider the structural component of your home and ensure that the plan of your kitchen is good for the structure of your home.

Tip #7- Whatever the kitchen appliances layout you might have, (see fig.1 below) it is always advised that you keep the fridge, sink, and gas range in a straight line and never place your refrigerator near your gas heath for safety reasons.

Tip #8- In addition, if you consider including cupboards or closed shelves in your kitchen, it is recommended that you get those new-designed pull-out drawers instead of keeping using the old-style cupboards which are normally put above and are hard to reach and open.

kitchen remodel tips
Fig.1- Different Kitchen Disposition Layout

Kitchen Improvements Ideas

In conclusion, a word to add regarding this article;

This blog post wasn't intended to give examples of the kitchen's layout or some examples featuring the organization of the multiple fixtures within. However, it is a theoretically-based and just informal guideline but tested experiments and recommendations.

Furthermore, it is advised to pursue correctly the kitchen remodel tips mentioned above so you can be guaranteed that your "Food Area" renovation will be sufficient and thus, you'll be satisfied with the results.

kitchen remodel tips
Fig.2- Example of Kitchen with at the middle, the working Island

I personally did follow those headlines in many projects, including my own house: Check it out in My Home Improvement Project Strategy Revealed post. I have completed successfully restored my previously damaged house due to time getting complete client satisfaction. Therefore, I found it useful anyway to adjoin the discussion with some good examples to share with you about the right position for managing the kitchen.

Figure 1 above, exposes different shapes used in the kitchen's composition, taking into consideration the original form of the room. Figure 2, however, shows a classic layout featuring the usual island for work and eating.

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