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My Profile

Managed by Nadim E. Maani
Graduated in 1996 from the Lebanese University | National Institute of Fines-Arts (INBA),
Major: Diploma in Architecture,
Member of Lebanese Order of Architects and Engineers, Tripoli- Lebanon,
Member No. 3712, Member since 1996.

Profession History at a Glance

  • Aquatherma- Baabda, Lebanon
Architect, 1996-1997
CAD Operator and Coordinator between
miscellaneous shop drawings trades.
  • Butec- Beirut, Lebanon
Architect, 1997 - 2002
Designer for some public buildings.
Preparation of Shop drawings.
  • Marblo- Safra, Lebanon
Architect, 2002 - 2004
Architect and Coordinator between Site 
and Factory Unit of Production.
  • Archi-Tech+- Amioun, Lebanon
Architect, 2004 - Present
Manager, Self-employed Career.


View detailed documents of my Curriculum Vitae hereby:

My Related Certificates

Here's a group of related Certificates as per the above CV :
Institute Certificate
Butec Certificate
Marblo Certificate
Aquatherma Certificate


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