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A Post on featuring my recent Trends for 2021 in Home Decor, by Author Laura Lang.

7 Simple and Affordable Home Decor Trends for 2021 7 Simple and Affordable Home Decor Trends for 2021 by Author Laura Lang   Nov 17, 2020 Ne...

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Design 101

In this section I will be focusing on some designs and projects which are more into concepts and creativity than architecture; No doubt Architecture is also Creativity, but here in this section, it is something else!
It can be anything in our daily life that needs that kind of arrangement and/or organization to facilitate our tasks; such as home furniture or an android home page screen that contains our daily personal agenda!

It's all about the Design Spirit!

Design 101 Posts

Post #DP-001 Lebanese Architecture Throughout History (1) | Origins, and Stages

Post #DP-013 Smart Houses | Home Automation System

Post #DP-014 How to Split One Bedroom Into Two?

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