New Architectural Projects That Changed Beirut Skyline!

Maybe you haven’t yet got the opportunity to see the city of Beirut, the Capital of Lebanon, from above but if you were a bird you could!

And believe me, it is worth it!...

Yes, there is something you are missing about it, believe me, especially during those last few years.
And I am quite sure that I'm not exaggerating at all because it’s the real pure truth; Beirut did resurrect from its devastation for good precisely in the downtown Beirut district where destruction was the most. Where are many architectural projects taking place so quickly as the phoenix bird?

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Beirut New Skyline! - Photo: Credit to KT Drones Production

Architectural Projects in Beirut as Never Seen Before!

Even if someone agreed or not, if some had objections and issues on the way it was done or not, it has happened for good and it is now a reality that we cannot ignore just because of any reason.
You can accept it or not, like it or not, but you cannot avoid being amazed about it.
Yes, and the truth be told, who can predict or visualize things to be as it is today: a totally "renovated skyline" for our dearest Beirut! The city which was a bunch of non-organized concrete blocks for years, and was abandoned for decades, has now new architectural projects, and a new modernized skyline like other nice cities around the globe.

In addition, and the most important thing is that it is now recognized in the world touristic cities list.

Trying to recall the period wasted during the war (around 17 years) the city was looking forward to new investments and architectural projects, which can help the economy survive the consequences of war.

So the renovation and the work on the Beirut Hotels slogan is in its active and energetic birth process.

Beirut is once again on the list of the most visited cities in the world just like a Phoenix!

Just three or four skyscrapers on the front seaside which house a wide range of International Hotels chains plus a large green boulevard did make the entire difference to the whole scenery, previously devasted.

You can now choose from an endless list of famous worldwide hotel brand names such as the "Four Seasons", "Phoenicia Intercontinental"and many others. Most of those are five stars rated but... if you are looking for more economical stays or have a lesser budget to spend, don't give up; you can still find your inquiry, as Beirut is a city for all!

I personally tried two of those less expensive but with great value-combination of quality and price.
We are talking about the "Q-Hotel" and "Le Cavalier" both located in the Hamra district.
I suggest the first one which is related to the "Queens Suite Hotel" chain but smaller I think, and not so far away from it.

A four stars hotel with nice views over the balconies and smiley faces staff always. Professionals as well, a truthy word to say.

architectural projects
My feedback on 10/10!

I highly recommend it for the many features and options it has; like the delicious free breakfast and other great services offered such as free Wi-Fi in the rooms and lobbies, etc...

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Today, you can book your favorite property online, from the comfort of your home! whereas the majority of those reserved their place already over hundreds of sites specialized in such services provident. Most of those sites as well offer the same room at less price than it is over the front desk!

(*) Refer to each website you are familiar with, like, and check out the offers they are providing.
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Tourism was the main sector that supplied the Lebanese treasury with the majority of financial resources, as it contributed about 20% of GDP during the two decades preceding the civil war (as featured on

The capital was abandoned years ago to face its destiny and the long period of destructive war (1975- 1989) which costs the nation much more than it can support its consequences.

Martyrs Square during the war
Martyrs Square during the civil war in 1982- Photo Source:

Few of its old buildings resisted the storm that destroys almost its classic and traditional architecture at that time. The first stage of the rebuilding process was to restore the possibly rescued historical buildings, then came the execution stage of other main infrastructure and structures.

Good to know that the major historical buildings were restored to their original state with modernization according to the needs such as the municipality of Beirut, located in Waggan Street which is the home of numerous old constructions and most of them were restored as well.

In return to the new projects inaugurated recently in the global area of Beirut and not only in the central district, but we also found a lot of those new skyscrapers hitting the sky of Beirut. Mostly the worldwide hotel chains such as "The Four Seasons", "The Phoenicia Intercontinental, and other towers like the "Platinum" building which is an Appartement Residence retail center.

architectural projects
The new seaside cornice, previously known as Ain El-Mraysseh Cornice- Photo Source by KT Drones Productions.

Despite it, it is not the only touristic service available, the skyscrapers occupy other major tallest buildings in town, with of course a very expensive cost for almost Lebanese people.
➤ Read more: I have been posted an article recently about some new projects inaugurated in Beirut that in some ways represent the contemporary Architecture in Lebanon today and its influence over the traditional Lebanese Architecture. Among those, the Platinum Tower on the Beirut Sea Side (or Zeitounah Bay); You can read the article here.
Therefore, most of those enormous buildings are still empty and unoccupied a least till the publication of those lines.

We have right here to ask for whose then, those buildings are standing there if it will still be inhabited or almost. This question will lead to another question right away are the other skyscrapers in the world fully usable yet?


 Let’s take a look at this article published in "The Guardian", the international edition, it says:
Take the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It’s impressive at 828 meters tall, but nearly a third of that (29%) is unoccupiable, according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. The Burj al Arab, also in Dubai, is much worse in this respect, with 39% of the entire building unusable. In fact, Dubai has five towers listed as the tallest buildings in “vanity height” – unusable height for the sake of it. Across these five, some 31% of total space is completely wasted.
So, from what precedes, we can say that we are in the face of a global issue and not only a local one that needs more studies to find solutions to solve its resulting evidence.

In conclusion, we can be sure of one single thing; whatever your opinion about Beirut's transformation during the recent period, you cannot be negative all the way because then you should find a better solution than the current one which is not possible despite the big amount of mistakes done though.

There is an old quote that we cannot ignore that says: “if you cannot do a thing about it, just make a bad opinion about it” or something similar…

Anyway, last but not least, have a look at this YouTube video.

It is all about Beirut from up, by KT Drones Productions, titled They call her... Beirut and produced in 2016. Hoping that you will enjoy it!

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