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Architecture - 101 Architech Projects & Blogs | Blogging Architecture


In this section, I will be talking about:
  • Some selected projects (up to 2, but sometimes more in one post-article), and I review them as per my point-of-view regarding their concept, characteristics, technical file, etc...
The targeted projects might be designed by me or related to other designers, likely they might be in Lebanon or abroad, etc...
  • Also, I might be discussing some issues that face architects in the current days, and their careers, plus some tips to solve or avoid them.
  • Amazing architectural projects and their history from the design to the execution stage will be the subjects of my posts here too, no matter what their locations are, local or abroad.
  • Some famous worldwide milestones and places are known for their multiple monuments and buildings, becoming Tourist Attractions for their architectural or environmental value.
  • Some other architectural projects might be discussed regarding their real estate and financial investment values, or other dependencies.

Architecture Posts

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