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My 101 Portfolio

My Renders

Since I own an engineering service studio, it's very frequent that I deal with projects that may not be at a high level of conception and qualified design. So it's been a challenge to have in my hands a project that contrary reflects my conceptions, that if I had to redesign it will be on the other side of creativity... It's not because I am the "one and only" but recently I had this feeling of "Oops!... It was the wrong place for the wrong person" or "it shouldn't be here"...

I don't know if my idea did reach its target but I wanted to say that nowadays it's been "normal" to see an engineer working as a taxi driver (hmm!...) or a nurse as an architect - with all my respects to those professions... but at least!... The comparison may be exaggerated or ridiculous somehow, or maybe it's only happening in our environment, but it's hard to accept the reality as it is like that. So, logically talking and based on this theory, the residence of a baker, for example, will look like a smurf's house (!), and so on... Can you imagine then how a whole city landscape will look like, with so many individual professions?...

Yeah, I know; Very awful and catastrophic!... Okay then, if you agreed with what it was said previously, you will surely accept that every professional must only practice its own domain and do not expend its limits to others' career.

I did this introduction just to mention that during my short time practicing architecture, I did deal with any kind of projects; some of them well accomplished -even hit perfection- and the other ones missing even the smallest detail... Some done by professionals, and some done by less than qualified individuals... and that exactly what makes things even worse.

But as for my service work, I should deal with all kind of projects -bad and good ones- and may give an opinion if I was asked to do so, and even to finalize it if it wasn't yet complete.

Among those projects, I did choose some samples just to show the kind of service work I do offer in my studio, starting from the drafting kit until the final rendering.

  • Amioun, Koura, Lot No. 103: A residency project (includes several private blocks) 
Job review: 3D rendering with 3D Studio Max, version 5. With Photoshop adjustment. As for civil Eng. F.S., all rights reserved. 

  • Imaginary Project (academic) treating the old souk of Jbeil- Lebanon. 
Job review: 3D rendering with 3D Studio Max, version 6. With Photoshop adjustment. As Unknown, all rights reserved.
  • Kfarsaroun, Koura, Lot No. 89
Job review: 3D rendering with 3D Studio Max, version 2009. For brochure and flyers ads. publishing. With Photoshop adjustment. As for civil Eng. M.S., all rights reserved

  • Hboub, Kesrouan, Lot No. 375: A housing project
Job review: 3D rendering with 3D Studio Max, version 2009. For panelboards ads. publishing
With Photoshop adjustment. As for civil Eng. W.S., all rights reserved. 

  • Kfersaroun Area, Unknown Lot: Interior Design for a private residence 
Job review: Interior Rendering with 3D Studio Max, version 2010. Multiple views showing all the main rooms in the residence. With client assistance and supervision. Here, view of the predesigned living room. Unknown client, all rights reserved.

My Sketches

What follows will be a glance at some uncompleted projects, that weren't yet executed or still on hold, that I named as sketches as it gives only the idea of the job concept, without any further detail. Most of them were under client recommendation but without execution details; it could have minor changes once approved for construction.

1- Wedding Landscape, Unknown location: Land layout with light buildings.

Job review: Wedding event Landscaping with tables layout (about 1400 persons) and staff/food facilities and arrangement. Band and stage were also included. The project was designed in 2 variables, all with light materials for the green-saving environment.
(1- c)
(1- b)
(1- a)

2- Wide and spacious residence with a multi-roof layout. Preliminary design for a duplex residence in Darbeshtar, Koura.

Job review: An over spacious private residence presented as sketchy drawing. As for client Mr. J.B.G., all rights reserved.

3- Added floor to the roof of an existing house in Darbeshtar, Koura.

    Job review: A floor was to add to that existing house just over the roof that results in full editing for the whole house to match to newly added elements. Interior editing was required later in this on-hold project. As per client recommendations. Mr. E.H., all rights reserved.
    (3- 2) Plans Layout

    (3- 1) Exterior Perspectives

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