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Friday, September 4, 2020

My Projects at a Glance (2) | Best of Archi- Tech+ Studios

Architecture, Projects Reviews, Architecture in Lebanon, Traditional Lebanese Architecture, Koura, Housing Projects, Private Residences, Villas in Koura, Duplex in Lebanon, Permit Folder, Execution Drawings, Official Documents, Personal Portfolio, Commercial Projects, Modern Style, Classic Style, Public Buildings
The best of my Projects 2, Photo-pin: Archives of Archi-Tech+ © 2020, Copyrighted materials

Read more: Have a look at my previous post My Projects in a Glance (1) | Best of Archi- Tech+ Studios, as it is the first part of the series: The Best of Archi- Tech+ Studios.

Architecture, Projects Reviews, Architecture in Lebanon, Traditional Lebanese Architecture, Koura, Housing Projects, Private Residences, Villas in Koura, Duplex in Lebanon, Permit Folder, Execution Drawings, Official Documents, Personal Portfolio, Commercial Projects, Modern Style, Classic Style, Public Buildings
The best of my Projects, Photo-Pin: 101ArchiTech
© 2020. All rights reserved

As promised in my latest published post, here is the second part of the series The Best of my Architectural Projects executed during my professional career as a self-employed in my office agency: Archi-Tech+ Studios in Northern Lebanon.

Important Disclaimer

The main purpose of publishing those kinds of projects is only informative and instructive. Because of the huge lack of references, notably in the Arab region that allows especially the Architecture academic students from doing their researches, I hope these posts will bring some help where needed.
Furthermore, and because of some old mentality that forbids their owners from bringing their projects to light due to their possession of the copyright of the material in question, as they said, in which I have serious doubts...

Finally, I hope that the general concept of the following projects will stay respected as for its minimal levels; I hereby ban all kinds of copying and cloning, just for the general benefit, and as our Lord told us: "If you want to help someone teach him how to fishing and don't give him a fish for just one meal".

I only allow the useful and positive inspiration of my designs in a way that leads at the end to a personal conception, which is my aim from posting this article and others in the series.

If you need further information and advice, I am ready to help!
Drop me a line at my e-mail address:
or message me on my WhatsApp at +961 3 577506

The following projects have been sorted randomly, and for information purposes only, and they are Copyrighted Materials as well.

The Fully-Designed Projects (Architectural Works)- continued

My first project in this second prepared list is a Housing and Commercial, located in the caza of Al-Koura, Tripoli side.
I will be publishing for the first time, the ground floor as being the commercial area. in direct contact with the main road, and the current floor (2 repetitive housing floors) related to the project.

The project conception was hard to conceive in the first place.
The four elevations of the building: a mixture of modern and classic styles together

Why is that? The next lines will show you how.

The first force majeure if we can say was the lot itself, where the obligated percentage of the superficial area of exploitation permitted within this zoning area is reduced to its minimal value as for only 30% of the total lot area.

In other terms, the area to be built is only limited to 30% of the total superficial area, according to the zone system.

In that case, and for instance, let us assume that we have around 3717 sqm for the assigned lot area; the previously given condition will limit our project area to not exceed 30% of the 3717 sqm, as to be inferior or equal to the approximate value of 1115.1 sqm.

But as we can see in the figure aside, the perimeter of the lot is far from being a regular shape which is not a helping factor at all.

Therefore, and as the principal access to the lot is limited by the main road located on the west, the only part of the Lot which is the most preferable to implant our project is the portion settled along that road.
The site plan shows the irregular shape of lot #123,
published as it is from the permit folder documents for information

The inconvenience of this restriction is not being able to benefit from the rest of the lot convenably and properly unless to use it as parking for the cars related to our project.

As for the second constraint or as we called it previously force majeure, it is the project itself; as the owner has required a minimum of 3 apartments per floor with an acceptable area for each unit.

The truth being said, it was very hard to ensure all those conditions with the given data (lot's area, plus the required apartment's spaces to be)

... and the work begins coincided with the challenge of delivering a nice and succeded project that will last in mind for both its architectural and functional goals.

I worked first on assuring the minimal area for living comfortably within a small space, which means every single centimeter has been used convenably, reducing the wasted space to its insignificant values as much as possible.

The housing current floor featuring 3 apartments per 1 floor, Photo: Furnished plan from the Brochure

The commercial Ground Floor featuring 6 variable stores in areas for miscellaneous usage, Photo from the Brochure

Anyway, words cannot describe what I am trying to say here, because the related drawings shown above will perfectly do the task. Anyway, the result is as agreed: 3 units per floor, that varies in spaces according to each individual needs; Whether a newly-wed couple, a small or big family they'll surely find their appropriate space in there. In addition to its location, which is near to the most famous educational facilities in town (such as the IS and the Chouwaifat School... etc)

Here is the advertisement note extracted from the brochure I wrote myself:

A Luxurious Design. 
The CLARA Center residential project in Deddeh _123, benefit from the calm of the province and the chaos of the city. Its good location makes it ideal for a nice and healthy living. The project is surrounded by olive trees, middling Al-Koura's famous Olive Plain. Divided into three level-floors; The ground is reserved for trading with various storing spaces choices with an average of 40 sqm each; The two other levels for residency. Each floor contains three different units in variable areas (between 110 and 166 sqm). The Ground Level apartment (App. A) benefit from an outdoor extension of 92 sqm that can be either a garden or an open terrace. On the other levels, the choice can be done between the following: two or three bedrooms, large living rooms, a kitchen, and a storage room, which can be a maid's room. Each apartment benefits from large balconies with an adorable view, never-to-be- obstructed, over the mountains, and the new cathedral construction, nearby. Its modern architectural concept makes it the right choice for a Better Modern Living!

The average available apartment areas are 165, 130, and 110 sqm.

Likely, you will admire the outside of the building with its natural stone cladding in selected areas together with wide painted walls, breaking the monotony created sometimes by the repetition of stone regularly. The colors also were finely selected to match the surroundings.

Concerning the red tiles roofing, and in addition to being an obligation according to the zone system, it enhanced the intimacy and the unity of the whole concept of the building.
View1 from the main road featuring the car ramp to the basement, rendered with mental ray, © 2015 Archi- Tech+ Studios

View2 from above the main road, rendered with mental ray, © 2015 Archi- Tech+ Studios

123, Deddeh-Koura Project ID

  • Area_Built: Area built as per Permit Folder is equal to 404 sqm per floor→ which makes a total area of around 1950 sqm.
  • Type of Construction: Housing, Commercial
  • Location: 123- Deddeh, Koura- Lebanon
  • Architectural Style Used in the Construction: Classic to Modern Design conception
  • Documents Submitted: Permit Folder which includes all the mandatory documents (All levels floors, 2 sections, 4 elevations*, mass plan, sewer water treatment layout)
(*) The 4 elevations are required in case of usage limitation of external natural stone cladding otherwise two are optional. In our case, the minimum amount permitted is 60% of the total surface of the elevation.
  • Additional Documents: Complete Brochure ready to print (Inner and Outer Covers), 3 Rendered plan layout (Photoshop presentation) + 2 Rendered views with Mental ray
  • Issue_Date: June 2015
  • Owner_Name: Mr. and Mrs. Wassim Semaan
  • Issuer: Wassim Semaan, Civil Engineer | Nadim Maani, Architect
  • Cost: As per Syndicate Pricing per sqm.
  • Status: Progressing, Executed

Another housing project will be our next target;

Located in Jbeil- Lebanon, the simplicity of this building makes it attractive for its smallest details, whether about the interior design or either the exterior colors and material treatment.

The principal constraint in designing within this kind of lots was in the dropping natural level that exists between its lower and higher point level which is more than two-floors height in total:

About (+132.40 m) for the nearest point of the lower road level, to approximately (+138.00 m) for the nearest point from the upper corner of the northern side of the lot as shown in the topographical survey inserted onto the below following drawings.

(See the conjoined figures as the North is always pointed up)

The Current Floor consisted of two small units apartment of 70 and 85 sqm area respectively, Photo from the submitted
permit file, © 2016 Copyright for Archi- Tech+ Studios Archive

This major constraint obliged us to choose the mid-level of the lot as to be the most logical platform to be as the main access level to the project. In other terms, we divided the building into 2 parts starting with the landing space that I sub-called platform, which leads to two vertical directions, upper and down the platform as shown in the explicative section below.
The explicative section shows how we used the arriving platform as parking which split the circulation into 2 vertical directions, Photo from the original permit folder

As a result, we will benefit from the platform created as a parking slot for the 7 cars required, as well as the main lobby entrance for the entire building. As you noticed, the stairs' lobby will lead in two vertical directions: down for the first apartment located in the lower level, and likely up to the level of the current floor.

Below is the plan layout of the ground level featuring the seven parking slots.
The unique and original concept of the project makes it an eye-candy for the owner who is actually hard to satisfy and convince. Moreover, and soon after getting the sketches and the final views of the project, he directly put his project for sale by promoting it via a real-estate agency even before getting the official approval.

Here is the view rendered with mental ray:
A view from the lower road level, showing us clearly the gap between the lower and upper levels of the site

Another aerial view of the project, Photo rendered with mental ray, © 2016 copyright protected

1566, Jbeil Project ID

  • The related elevations, Photo from permit folder © 2016
    Area_Built: Area built as per Permit Folder is equal to around 209 sqm per floor.
  • Type of Construction: Housing, Mid-range class
  • Location: 1566- Jbeil, Lebanon
  • Architectural Style Used in the Construction: Classic to Modern Design conception
  • Documents Submitted: Permit Folder which includes all the mandatory documents (All levels floors, 2 sections, 2 elevations, mass plan, and sewer water treatment layout)
  • Additional Documents: 2 Rendered views with mental ray
  • Issue_Date: July 2016
  • Owner_Name: Mr. Ziad Halim Khoury
  • Issuer: Wassim Semaan, Civil Engineer | Nadim Maani, Architect
  • Cost: —
  • Status: Progressing, Executed, Sold out

In the next post, I will be presenting some of my collaborating projects, that I only cooperate in designing or presentation of rendered views or treated the outside facades.

So, stay tuned!


Copyrighted Content

All pictures and photos shown inside this post are copyrighted materials,, fully or partially, and belong to its creator: The blog site and owner NMaani, Architects © 2020.
As well it belongs to the projects' owners respectively.

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