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As the technology of communication is in continuous development, cultural centers are becoming more popular around the world than before. More tourists are likely to go visiting such places in their tours, for the only reason to acknowledge another culture than their own. The internet makes the world feel more connected and distances are closer;

More and more people are becoming interested in other cultures around the planet in addition to their desire to share their own. Therefore, Cultural centers are an excellent way to bring communities together in their learning to know each other better, which makes it more enjoyable and frequently, even more helpful!

Know more about Cultural Centers from around the world, and if you are an architecture fan, you will surely enjoy the content of this valuable e-book.

The Cover of the eBook, featuring the Norveg Coast Cultural Centre

This reference e-book is actually a well-classified guide for the most world-reputed cultural centers and outstanding ones that everyone should see or visit once in their lifetime. So that way, you will have plenty of addresses to visit on your next trip! About 47 projects of cultural and museum edifices from around the globe, with colored images and drawing architectural plans about the related designers and other useful info concerning each building apart, will leave you amazed by this publication.

For instance, you will find info about:

  • New Cultural Centre in Madrid,
  • New Centre of Lehen,
  • Fjord Museum,
  • Norveg Coast Cultural Centre is featured on the cover of the e-book..., and many many others.

Download the "When Culture Meets Architecture" e-Book

eBook Cover

Publisher: Design Media Publishing Ltd; Sew edition (October 15, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9881545056

ISBN-13: 978-9881545053

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Below, find a live preview of what to expect from this pdf documentation:

A sample page_01

A sample page_02

Sample Pages from the ebook, Page_03

As you can see, there are plenty of explicative colored pictures and drawing architectural plans, along with the individual ID of each project, full coverage of related information concerning the designers, date of completion, related area of the project, and many more. A must-have reference and guidebook for every Architect Library today.

Download it now and benefit from an instant discount for only USD 9.95!

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As the most individualized civil architecture, buildings for cultural events are the best stage for architects to practice their dreams, to express their perceptions of architectural art and ambitions. When culture meets architecture, some memories, some scenes or an attitude will find its medium to exist as a real and touchable thing.

Besides those architectures that record history or provide information, such as museums, libraries, memorials, archives centers, and the like, more and more multi-function cultural centers were built in cities, where people gather together for social events, entertainment, or sports, and they are also the new plaza where people can impress their sense of the city's identification deeper.

Selected buildings for culture around the world are included in this book, with an invitation to witness the meeting between culture and architecture.

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