Home Renovation: 7 Construction Estimating Mistakes to Avoid

Home Renovation Project: Construction Estimating Mistakes

Are you planning a home improvement project? Construction projects can be a big undertaking, and it’s important to do your research before you get started. For sure you will want to avoid making any construction mistakes. Construction mistakes can not only be costly, but they can be also dangerous.

In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the most common construction estimating mistakes. We will also be giving you some tips on how to avoid making these mistakes. By the end of this blog post, you will have a better understanding of what to do – and what not to do – during your next home improvement project.

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7 Construction errors and failures to avoid

So, let us explore the common mistakes that you would avoid making in your improvement project, whether you make it as DIY or hire a contractor team:

1- PLANNING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS: Making the biggest investment of your life without planning is a mistake; This is the first common and potential mistake all homeowners make. If you are ready to build or remodel your dream home, you must take your time to learn more about contractors or home builders in your area.

Taking the time to learn about architects is also essential for the design process. Avoid these common mistakes to make sure your project runs smoothly!

  • NOTE: Before starting, make sure you have all the proper permit documents. Depending on the scope of your project, you may need a building permit, a zoning permit, or a demolition permit. Falling to get the proper licenses or permissions can delay your project and result in costly damages...

2- HIRE "HOME BUILDERS WITH... PASSION" using DESIGNERS AND/OR ARCHITECTS; Make sure to do your research before employing a contractor for building or renovating your dream home. It is 100% true that not all professionals are the same in any industry. Home builders will not all have the same passion for the project as you do.

Hire only qualified contractors or designers. A qualified contractor will have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Be sure to get multiple bids and check references before you make your final decision.

Every region has its own "professionals" who are so passionate about their skills, that every home they construct is a "Masterpiece of Art" by itself that reflects their devotion to their profession. Those home renovation contractors pay attention to details and have continuously learned new real estate construction ideas, ensuring that they will always be at the top of their industry; as each of their homes is a "one-of-its-kind piece of work" that mirrors their values.

It is easy to see the charm and good listening skills of those "Home Builders with Passion" when you meet them for the first time. In one word, they love their work and have a passion for it; they are very similar to a brilliant doctor.

Their goal will be entirely on listening to the patient, or you the home buyer. They will have many questions, which will help them diagnose or determine your needs and desires.

When you meet with the Home Builders, listen to their story. Here are some of the topics you can always initiate a conversation with:

  • How are they distinct from other Home Builders companies in the region? What is the remarkable thing about their enterprise?
  • Ask about the construction materials they utilize.
  • Examples of some of their favorite floor plans, and why?
  • Ask to view some of their previously executed homes, if available.
  • How do they keep their mind updated with trends from around the world and new home-building ideas?
  • Do they travel to other cities or countries looking for new conceptions?
  • Do they attend "National Home Builders conferences and/or exhibitions", where many new products and new construction ideas are introduced to Home Builders, Architects, and Interior Designers?
  • Also, what were some of their biggest Home Building mistakes? — This is an important question, to get a sense of their modesty and honesty.
  • What are they accomplishing differently now and why?

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As an example of what your desires could be, take detailed notes on which style is the most appealing for you or trending and why? You might do some pre-researches about the subject: Here are some resources that might help.

Once they process your requirements in their mind, which might take a few days, they will begin a presentation of ideas that will amaze you. They will give you a tour of their previous projects to see the quality and dramatic ideas. and conception They will show you their passion for their trade, and the pride they have in their homes, and it will be evident.

Remember, when you are choosing the proper builder for your home, always work with "Home Builders with Passion".

3- Now, the challenging part is where to FIND WHAT WE AGREED ON CALLING: THE "HOME BUILDER WITH PASSION". Start by asking for referrals from friends, subcontractors in the housing industry, Interior Designers, Architects, and anyone who has recently built.

Likely, glance at the Yellow Pages under the Home Builders category. Also, don't forget to look in the real estate ads under New Real Estate Investing Developments and New Home Construction. Next, visit to witness some of the currently progressing site work.

Get in contact with some of these new developers and/or design engineers, who will refer you surely to their contractor. Again, you are looking for someone who can listen to and merge your needs into your future home.

They must have Unique Home Design Ideas and have a good reputation in the community for building quality homes. The interview process will be a large investment of your time. Do not neglect this step! Sometimes, it takes many meetings, for you to feel who should build your dream home, according to several factors.

Another significant factor in choosing the right home builder is communication, which is so important in the building process; as you will be working together for the next 4 to 18 months, it is important to partner with someone who can address your needs and concerns.

4- IMPORTANT- DO NOT MAKE YOUR DECISION ON THE LOWEST PRICE OFFER EVER; Almost anyone can make various cuts to lower their final estimation. Lowering the expenses is important, but do not be tricked by the lowest bid.

By means, don’t save on materials: It’s tempting to save money by using cheap goods, but this can be reversible. In fact, quality materials will last longer and stand up to wear and tear better, so you’ll save money in the long term. You are looking for quality building, scenic ideas and designs, and... value!

5- LET AN ARCHITECT REVIEW YOUR PLAN with you to reflect more on your ideas and requirements. I would strongly encourage you to discuss your project with an Architect because they can view a project from a point of view other than ours, which is beyond what normal people can see. Take the further step to discuss your Home Plans and Home Design with an Architect. The added assurance they can bring to your Home Building Project will be well worth the time and any additional cost.

An Architect can see where there are potential problem areas in the future, and therefore try to avoid them discover additional areas of possibility, and suggest options that you may not have considered before. Take advantage of their valuable insight and ideas, when you are drawing up your dream home.

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6- DON’T MAKE CHANGES AT MID-PROJECT; it is very harmful to any project while in the construction stage. Once you’ve settled on a plan, stick to it; Remember how it was hard for you and others who helped you in the Home Builders team to arrive at the final version of your project.

7- Once you have agreed on your floor plan, and have created your unique spaces or designed your super concept, the next step is to FIX YOUR INTERIOR DESIGN. Here you will coordinate all of the layers of your project. This can be an overwhelming mission at moments due to the variety of trades to include in the process. They will incorporate wall colors and blends, styles of carpet, unique wall finishes, Italian Venetian Plaster, Faux Finishes, or Wall Paper.

Your selections will include, the type of ceiling and drywall finish, plus other decorative items that should be completed before closing the procedure. Your ceiling options can range from texture to an Italian Venetian Plaster, tinted ceiling.

In conclusion, coordinating the details of an architectural property project is not an easy task. New design changes and problems can emerge every day. How these issues are handled, can determine the final effect of the project.

Thus, as I always recommend, the best solution ever to free your mind from stress and other issues is to hire a qualified Architect who can be trustworthy and make your mind rest and your dreams come true.

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