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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Smart Houses | Home Automation System

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What are the advantages of using the Smart Houses features | Home Automation System, Photo Source: www. pert. me

Did you ever imagine that the day will come when you will be able to communicate directly with your house and let it for example adjust the lights for you to watch a movie or simply automatically plays your favorite music when you want to relax on the balcony?

Well, it just happened in our time! Believe it or not; you can even contact your home automation administrator to accomplish a task from your mobile device while you are driving your car on your way back from work. For instance, this process can launch the appropriate command to prepare your dinner meal by contacting the cooker device which is another appliance connected to the smart home automated network.

Thus, once you will arrive home, you will have your food warm and ready to be eaten!

This is a scenario of a modern and futurist lifestyle that we thought we can only assist in the movies!

But no, we were wrong! it is today here and available everywhere on the planet.
Although converting your home into this kind of home automation may cost you a fortune, the advantages that it can afford in return will prove to be worth the investment.

What is a Smart Home Automation (Definition)

What is home automation?

This is where technology and convenience meet, creating a whole new system capable of putting together a set of separate appliances that will work harmonically together.

smart houses, smart home, smarthouse, best smart home devices, smart home technology, smart home automation, smart house technology, house automation, get smart home, future of home automation, wired home automation, best home automation 2019, intelligent housing, intelligent home automation system, Smart Home or Green Home? Which one to choose? What's Better and What's the Difference?
Smart Homes the future houses today, Photo: https://www.homebuilding.co.uk

I meant by the word convenience the act of being comfortable and fit into your world, your home. So we did put the technology and all its advanced options at your service to ensure you a relaxed and easy life to live. Practically talking, this networked system gives you instant control over other individual devices as well as appliances throughout your house; by means of, it is a fully customized program where it’s you who decide how a device should function, when and why it needs to start.

You set up the schedule and the remainder is automated and based on your overall personal preferences providing control, convenience, money-cost savings, and overall smarter home put all together at your service and not the opposite.

Whatever the controlling system might be by computer, mobile device, remote control, or even by voice, the home network responds once you command it. With this kind of automation, it would be like having a personal assistant who is always at your disposition and call, whenever you want him to, even if you are on vacation abroad.

What are the Major Utilities used within a Smart House System ...

Definitely true! You can set many combinations within one smart-house automation. The most popular belonging to the list of categories described below:

... and How They Function Together?

  • Security and Safety will come surely at the top of the list. With the digital cameras and sensors provided, the main aim of the whole system is to bring security and safety in the first place; Therefore, those devices will be scanning your property all day long keeping it under guard so you are able to react immediately when notified of an urgent problem. In addition, products can include cameras that monitor the exterior of the house and send out an alert whenever there is an unusual motion outside the house. Also, not to forget the door’s handles that open by scanning the fingerprints or a numerical code, instead of the traditional house keys. These are just some of the security features that this technology can offer.
  • Convenience is the part where you must fit your needs. Actually, it consists of numerous combinations that will make your mind blow with satisfaction and convenience. But be aware to not get involved in tempting automated products, because it may cost you more than expected. So it is highly advisable and recommended to select only what you really need the most. Your priority list should contain the following: Automate your home first for safety and security as described in the first item above. Secondly, you should save on services by leaving appliances and devices off when you are absent and then turning them on when returning home if needed. Third, for convenience purposes also, your coffee can be made for you in the morning while your favorite music playing. Or if you prefer you can get home in the evening, with something already cooked in the oven (…) In the end, there is an infinite number of adjustments that you can preset, and plus, it's just fun to have smart home automation!
smart houses, smart home, smarthouse, best smart home devices, smart home technology, smart home automation, smart house technology, house automation, get smart home, future of home automation, wired home automation, best home automation 2019, intelligent housing, intelligent home automation system, Smart Home or Green Home? Which one to choose? What's Better and What's the Difference?
The Major Utilities used within a Smart House System,
  • Lighting is what we meant by economizing the energy power which is an essential item within any combination you might select for your bunch. Having the ability to manage the lights from wherever you are in the world is a great opportunity that you can now control from a console by your own bed, car, kitchen, or even poolside from some resort on the other side of the planet. With this automation, you will have full authority over the lighting of your home and as a result, full control over the consumption as well; Turn a few lights on in the evening to make it looks as if someone is home. Turn them off in the morning.
  • Security Systems and Access Control is the indispensable combination for any selection of your automation system component. Open a garage door remotely or unlocking/lock a certain door within the house, all from your laptop, is the ideal solution for a sudden stolen attack; With an automated home system, your house is able to contact you, send an alert when a security issue was recorded. It might be either gas-leak, invader, or sudden temperature rise: Home automation stays on guard for you.

Products Recommendations

Here are some useful products I picked for you featuring related items that you may need to complete your security process for your home system.
The list includes CCTV security cameras set, solar outdoor lighting, door locks, and anything to make your home inside and outside more secure.

So don't wait anymore and check those useful products:
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The Evolution of the Automated Home Network in History

Years before, installing a smart home network was almost reserved for wealthy people, celebrities, public-figured people, and those who belong to the upper-class society.

However, with the evolution of technology year after year, it becomes more available for more categories of people and more homeowners are now able to afford to convert their homes into automated smart ones.
Though it is still relatively expensive, it is currently not as expensive as it used to be before.

Anyway, a quick glance at the evolution of this industry is quite useful and profitable:

It was created back in 1975 when X10 was developed by a company based in Scotland.
X10 was then a new technology that allowed communication over existing electrical wires locally installed inside a home for compatible appliances and devices to connect with each other.

In spite of being a revolutionary technology at its time, the X10 had some limitations that need the invention of some other sophisticated technology (…)

Some Advantages of Installing a Smart Home System

  • As an example, a sensor for water that alerts you of what could be a costly leak is a perfect money-savings mate for you.
  • An ideal power consumer.
  • Safety and protection are provided by the multi-functions included within the system.
  • A solution-provider for many issues in our daily routine life.

Smart Home v/s Green Home; Which one to Choose?

Finally, we must have noticed the big resemblance between the Green and the Smart Homes, which left many people confused about what to is the best choice for their project.
Read more: To better assimilate the next lines, I recommend reading more about the Green Architecture.
Regardless of the big environmental profit, having a house designed according to the smart or to the green specifications can be helpful in reducing the financial costs. After all, both are designed to use fewer resources such as water, power, and heating fuel.

While understanding the differences between the two options is the key to making the right decision, here are some comparison points that might help you in your choice;

As for the smart house system, for example, when there is nobody at home, the thermostat sensor can be automatically adjusted to reduce heating energy.

For instance, window curtains can be automatically opened as the first sunlight hits the relevant sensors. Also, doors can be automated to be locked at a specific time in the evening. Exterior lighting might be turned on or off depending on which hour it gets dark. Additional features such as home entertainment systems and kitchen appliances can also be controlled through a central "smart" unit.

In conclusion, turning your house into a smart home is not difficult or overly costly. Many companies have developed a PC-based system that can be installed quickly and with no complications at affordable prices. In addition, a number of appliance manufacturers are now integrating PC-compatible connections into their products for use with pre-installed smart home systems.

Likely, but on the other side, a green home is a construction that was designed and built to be environmentally friendly and efficient resource saver throughout its life-cycle, from its design process, construction, operation, maintenance, and renovation till its deconstruction.

Green homes are built using materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible and/or provide the most energy-efficient performance. These include heating and cooling systems that use less energy, such as solar water heating and geothermal central heating. Green homes take into account every aspect of energy use and are designed to minimize wastage while enhancing the indoor environment. For example, indoor lighting would depend primarily on natural sunlight through the use of larger windows and skylights.


Internal walls and flooring would be made from natural materials like bamboo that do not negatively impact indoor temperature. Like smart homes, green homes may also integrate the use of a central computer system to monitor and control energy usage.

But unlike green homes, a smart home is originally designed to be a normal house without implanting the smart characteristics at first; it can be added later depending on the decision made by the homeowners. Therefore, it cannot be classified as green construction.

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Product Details

Author: Meyer, Gordon
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Pub. Year: 05-11-2004
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Book's Review

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References in this Article:

1- Wikipedia, The Online Encyclopedia
2- www.pert.me, The Professional Smart Home Products, India


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