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December 2022 - 101 Architech Projects & Blogs | Blogging Architecture

December 2022


Islamic Art and Architecture History

Islamic Art Historical glimpse Islamic art and architecture have a rich history dating back to the early days of the religion in the 7th ce...

Nadim Maani 31 Dec, 2022

6 Ideas For Decorating Your Master Bedroom Like a Pro

How to Spice up Your Bedroom? In a perfect world, your bedroom should be a place of tranquility, and relaxation; A place where you can displ...

Nadim Maani 24 Dec, 2022

10 Practical Tips for Designing a Perfect Open-Plan Lounge

Foreword In the previous post, we did explore ways and methods, in addition to helpful guidance on how to make your open-plan layout a more...

Nadim Maani 14 Dec, 2022

Ways for Designing an Open-Plan Living and Dining Space

An Open-Plan Layout for  Living and Dining Rooms Are you thinking of redesigning your living and dining space but don’t know where to start?...

Nadim Maani 11 Dec, 2022

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