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March 2020 - 101 Architech Projects & Blogs

March 2020

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AutoCAD Tutorials: Learning Basics for Beginners

Introduction to AutoCAD 1- AutoCAD Meaning and History in a Glance AutoCAD stands for Auto Computer-Aided Drafting. It was developed and ...

Nadim Maani 26 Mar, 2020 1

10 AutoCAD Tips and Tricks for New Users Working in Companies

10 Useful AutoCAD Hacks for Users Working in Companies If you are a new user of the program and working in an engineering company, here are ...

Nadim Maani 23 Mar, 2020

Adobe Photoshop Photo Editing for Architectural Projects

Using Photoshop CS for editing photos in Architectural Projects When I first learned about Adobe Photoshop CS3 and tried it around 2009, I ...

Nadim Maani 19 Mar, 2020

Guide for Designing Architectural Projects with Colors Implementation

In Which Forms Can Colors Be Found in Architectural Projects? Individuals feel the colors as they affect their five senses: sight, hearing, ...

Nadim Maani 16 Mar, 2020

5 Architectural Projects with Remarkable Colors

Architectural Projects with Exceptional Colors The colors used in the various designs of architectural projects and construction do not ne...

Nadim Maani 14 Mar, 2020

Architectural Filmmaking: Best of Nicholas Sparks Books

From Novels to Motion Picture Today, I will be sharing with you a post that I will categorize within the Bookstore section of my Blog. At f...

Nadim Maani 11 Mar, 2020

5 Facts Behind "Beirut Terraces" Architectural building

A High-Class Real Estate Development in the Heart of Beirut Widely acclaimed Swiss planners "Herzog & de Meuron", finally co...

Nadim Maani 9 Mar, 2020

8 Easy-To-Follow Kitchen Remodel Tips

Kitchen Remodel Tips That Will Help You Renovate Yours A kitchen remodel is a big undertaking. It’s also one of the most rewarding home impr...

Nadim Maani 7 Mar, 2020

The Opus, Latest of Dubai Hotels by Zaha Hadid

The best of Dubai Hotels 2022 Updates:   The cited hotel was effectively open since February 2020, according to multiple reports. When it ...

Nadim Maani 5 Mar, 2020 1