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August 2023 - 101 Architech Projects & Blogs

August 2023

Most Viewed This Week

Art Nouveau Architecture: A Magnificent Elegance Revealed

Defining Art Nouveau Architecture: All You Need to Know Have you ever wondered what exactly art nouveau architecture is and means? Well, yo...

Nadim Maani 28 Aug, 2023

Meet the Iconic Vessel Building in NYC: A Landmark with Purpose

Touring the Vessel Building If you've been to New York City recently, you've probably noticed a towering structure that looks like a...

Nadim Maani 26 Aug, 2023

Neoclassical Architecture: Exploring Its Timelessly Beauty and Legacy

Understanding the Neoclassical Architecture In the world of architectural styles , few have stood the test of time, and little has left an i...

Nadim Maani 24 Aug, 2023

GRC: The Eco-Friendly Innovation Material That Transformed Construction

GRC Construction Material Explained Have you ever wondered what material is behind those stunning modern architectural marvels? Well, wonder...

Nadim Maani 22 Aug, 2023

A Magical Journey through Gothic Architecture's Timeless Grandeur

Visiting the Enchanting World of Gothic Architecture So you've heard about Gothic architecture ..., but do you actually know what it is?...

Nadim Maani 17 Aug, 2023

Antoni Gaudi Architecture: A Masterpiece of Creativity and Ingenuity

Exploring and Defining Architecture of Gaudi If you’ve ever been to Barcelona , chances are you’ve seen the unique and extravagant buildings...

Nadim Maani 15 Aug, 2023

Software Comparison: Enscape vs. Mental Ray Rendering Engines

Comparing Differences: 2 Giants Rendering Tools If you're a 3D artist or designer, you've probably heard of Enscape and Mental Ray R...

Nadim Maani 9 Aug, 2023

Architectural Lighting Design: The Art of Creating Brilliant Spaces

What is the Architectural Lighting Design? When we think about architectural marvels, we often visualize towering structures, bold designs, ...

Nadim Maani 6 Aug, 2023

Enscape Software: Unleashing The Magic of 3D Visualizations

Defining and Exploring Enscape Software Are you an architect or designer looking for game-changing software that will take your projects to ...

Nadim Maani 4 Aug, 2023