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May 2023 - 101 Architech Projects & Blogs | Blogging Architecture

May 2023


Transforming Homes into Better Living Spaces with Smart Home Technology

Defining Smart Home Technology With the growing development and advancement of technology, the world seems progressing as well; Homeowners a...

Nadim Maani 27 May, 2023

Unveiling the Beauty of Brutalist Architecture

What is Brutalist Architecture? If you’re an architecture lover or professional, then you’ve probably heard of brutalist architecture .  But...

Nadim Maani 22 May, 2023

Delve into Simplicity: Rise of the Minimalist Interior Design Style

What is Minimalist Interior Design? Most people think of minimalism as a style of art characterized by simple, clean lines and stark composi...

Nadim Maani 20 May, 2023

Transform Your Home with These Captivating Interior Design Ideas!

Top 6 Interior Design Ideas You Need to DIY for Your Home Your home is your personal space and it should reflect your style and personality....

Nadim Maani 18 May, 2023

Why is Victorian Architecture So Popular?

What is Victorian Architecture? Victorian Architecture refers to a series of architectural revival styles that were developed in the last ...

Nadim Maani 11 May, 2023

Using AI in Architectural Designs?!

AI and the Architectural Design As technology advances, so too does the way we design and build our homes, offices, and other structures. AI...

Nadim Maani 6 May, 2023

How Can Urban Design Affect the Community?

Urban Design Meaning Not sure what urban design is all about? Then, this comprehensive and instructive guide will tell you everything you n...

Nadim Maani 5 May, 2023

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