December 2021

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3 Most Impressive Architectural Projects by Famous Architects

Most Impressive Cultural Center Projects in the World Following my previous article featuring the downloadable PDF eBook  When Culture Meets...

Nadim Maani 27 Dec, 2021

eBook To Download: "When Culture Meets Architecture"

Introduction As the technology of communication is in continuous development,  cultural centers  are becoming more popular around the world ...

Nadim Maani 22 Dec, 2021

The Importance of Landscape Architecture

What is Landscape Architecture? Landscape architecture has a significant influence on our behavior meaning that it can handle any annoying ...

Nadim Maani 12 Dec, 2021

eBook To Download: "Thinking About Landscape Architecture"

Principles of a Design Profession for the 21st Century (As featured on ) What is Landscape Architecture ? Is it gardening, scie...

Nadim Maani 10 Dec, 2021

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: A NYC Landmark Building

The Guggenheim Museum: Historical NYC Landmark Buildings The Guggenheim Museum is a world-renowned museum in New York City that features a ...

Nadim Maani 1 Dec, 2021